Kedamain III
Kedamaian: An Interconnection of Peace, Love and Compassion

Kedamaian”; refers in Sanskrit to the state of the soul. Harmony with the self, nature and the environment are considered in this reference and both intrinsically and extrinsically realised.
Kedamaian” is a project involving three contemporary artists from three different countries; Sandra Phillips (Canadian) artist/performer/educator, Mohammed Bundhowi (Indonesian) artist/CCU trainer/lecturer and Anna Niblic Heggie (Australian) artist/educator.
Videos of the artsist's works can be viewed on **Anna Niblic Heggie's website**
The project involves a mutual symbiosis of the three artists whose artistic lives and work interconnect through technology and the transcendental. Via consistent communication the three artists have set up a mutual dialogue and exchange in which they discuss philosophical ideas, world news and art practises.
The exhibition at The Barber Gallery in Toronto, Canada, will be an exciting oeuvre of the three artist’s works. Working alone, separately, in their own realms and far from each other geographically yet through vibrant exchange of ideas transmitted online and through other forms of communication, they aim to provide the viewer with feelings of interconnectedness that outreach and touch the soul; “Kedamaian”.
Australian Artist, **Anna Niblic Heggie** first met Indonesian Mohammed Bundhowi several years ago when he did an artist in residence and teaching exchange in Australia. He has since been invited back to Australia on several occasions to lecture in universities in Western Australia and Canberra. Mohammed Bundhowi uses his photography to bring awareness to our sense of being. Photographing ancient Cambodian, Indonesian and other important sites as a point of reference, he creates images of beauty and strength with a profound and urgent vision. Bundhowi who is Javanese lives with his Vietnamese/Canadian wife and the Bali bombings occurred close to their home in Bali. He brings to the threesome an insight of heart felt compassion and the very real desire for peace.
Anna met **Sandra Phillips** also in Indonesia in 2002. They met during the week before the Bali bombing when Anna had an exhibition and cultural exchange with the Pengosekan Community of Artists in Ubud. For many years Sandra Phillips has travelled back and forth to Java for intensive study and inspiration now returning as an accomplished Javanese Gamelan sindhen;(gamelan singer) a rare talent. She is deeply inspired by “filsafat jawa” (Javanese philosophy, and its profound understanding of meditation, balancing and harmonising of earth and body energies). Sandra was a principle events co-ordinator for the 2000 Bilateral Canadian/Indonesian Celebration in Toronto and continues to run and participate in many intercultural activities. She brings to the group a strong theatre presence and a mutual desire for the interconnection of love. Sandra utilizes the power of her story telling and the “Screen” which is the Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet Theatre, to create a bridge between the ancient and contemporary. The ‘Screen’ becomes a playful paradox on the word “television” as tell a vision.
Anna Niblic Heggie is an Australian artist of Polish immigrant parentage. Her background has made her appreciative of being an Australian. At the same time her ideology has been formed and heightened through stories of her parent’s adaptation to a new country and the effects of war on the old one. An insight into the devastation of war and a strong desire for world peace has led to a stronger sense of commitment to the arts where she sees the potential through creative interconnection to reach an audience on many levels. Her recent work involves digitally manipulated media in which she cross references ideas, words and images to create new works of meaning and symbolism.
The connection between the three artists has established an ongoing and strong dialogue in which many contemporary global topics are discussed. The artists hope that the positive and dynamic energies of the group will be transmitted through the exhibition and workshops to harmonise and facilitate others in recognising the state of their souls, “Kedamaian”.